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Vacuum Cleaning:

Man-made fibre carpets and wool twist pile carpets should be vacuumed regularly as soon as they are laid.

Vacuuming Loop Pile:
Loop pile carpets should be vacuumed with a cylinder cleaner using the suction head only. Avoid using beater heads and brushes - they will catch and lift the fibres , giving your carpet a bobbled or felted appearance.

Vacuuming Cut Pile:
Cut pile carpets should be vacuumed with an upright cleaner with a beater bar and brush.

The key to good carpet maintenance is to avoid particles of loose dirt and dust from working their way into the carpet pile where they will act abrasively on the fibres and discolour the carpet.

  • Vacuum your carpet regularly at least two or three times a week.
  • A large, strong doormat will reduce dirt from outside being spread around the house.
  • Avoid where possible laying light coloured carpets next to external entrances.

Follow these general rules before the dealing with spillages. For more persistent or unusual stains contact a professional carpet cleaner.

  • Spillages are more easily removed if tackled immediately so act promptly and blot off all the liquid stain with a dry kitchen roll or a clean dry white cloth.
  • To clean off any remaining stain use a clean damp cloth soaked in warm water with a little white vinegar to blot the stain. Use a dabbing action with the cloth and then blot out the remaining liquid with a dry kitchen towel.
  • Do not rub the pile surface or oversoak the stain.
  • Always work from the outside of the stain inwards to minimise the stain spreading.

Cleaning Karndean:
It has never been easier to clean and protect your simply beautiful floor from Karndean. They have developed an enhanced protective surface treatment known as K-Guard + which has been incorporated into their floors. K Guard + offers outstanding slip, scuff and soiling resistance, resulting in an easier and more environmentally friendly regime for the cleaning and maintenance of your floor. We provide a Floor Care Guide to all our customers post installation and offer all the cleaning and maintenance products in our showroom.

Cleaning Wood / Laminate Flooring:
Wooden floors can either be swept regularly using a soft bristled broom or vacuumed frequently to remove any dirt. When vacuuming your floor, it is advisable to use a soft brush attachment to minimise scratching. A good quality floor mat at each entrance to trap dirt and prevent damage. Grit underfoot will act like sandpaper against your floor. Coir matting is an ideal entrance barrier for wet and dirty feet.