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Our wood collection is of a traditionally high standard, every board goes through a rigid quality and grading process to ensure that the highest possible standards are met to guarantee your perfect satisfaction.   The boards are then put through finishing processes such as lacquering, oiling or antiquing - many of which are carried out by hand, using centuries old traditions - for that timeless elegance that only a natural wood floor can bring to your home.

Solid Wood
The traditional and timeless appeal of a solid wood floor will enhance the appearance of any interior and endure for generations. Each board is precision machines from a single piece of timber and typically finished with a robust tongue and groove joint on all sides.

Each board is constructed from multiple layers of wood pressed together. The top solid wood layer is available in a wide variety of species, finishes and thickenesses to accomodate all tastes and requirements. It is supported by a central core and backing board to give the floor increased stability.